Project SWIFT


This is the home page of SWIFT, an Interactive Fiction (IF) project.

My name is Simon Wadsworth and I am the author of both SWIFT and this site. If this is your first visit you should read the background page for details of my interest in IF, the reasons behind the project and what it is going to deliver.

This page will act as the main development journal where progress, or a lack thereof, will be reported.

19 Feb 2011

Just came across all my old notes for this project. One day I would still like to pick it back up again but real life and other projects have taken precedence.

29 June 2004

Has it really been five months since I did anything here? Since the last update I've been working away from home and haven't felt much like coding in the evenings. I've got loads of notes to sort out with parser, world model and game ideas so I may get back in the groove soon. Maybe.

31 January 2004

No real progress to report. Minor site updates.

Started reading Nick Montfort's Twisty Little Passages - An Approach To Interactive Fiction.

11 January 2004

Made some minor corrections and a few changes to existing content.

Additional browser testing under Windows ME using Amaya, Avant, Crazy Browser, ElectraSoft, Internet Explorer, K-Meleon, Lynx, Mozilla and Xana. Testing was actually done on an instance of Windows ME installed under Virtual PC 2004 (VPC) running on Windows XP. I'm hoping to use VPC to simplify testing both this site and the project in various operating environments.

Everything displays well so I'm feeling pretty good about the layout choices. The tables used for the links page and walkthroughs could look a little better in text only modes - and many of the graphics need alternate text - so there is a little more work to do there.

Santa brought me a copy of  Richard A. Bartle's Designing Virtual Worlds so I've made a start on reading it this week.

4 January 2004

First version of the site uploaded to the web with layout for browsers that support CSS. Other browsers should show as plain text.

28 December 2003

Test version of this site. Layout tried under Windows XP using Internet Explorer, Netscape and Opera; everything seems to be in good working order. The HTML is pretty simple so there shouldn't be much that could go wrong.