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I am trying to make this site as browser-friendly as possible and have tested using the following configurations:

Windows XP

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    Internet Explorer 6

    Netscape 7.1.

    Opera 7.23

Windows ME

    Amaya 8.2

    Avant 8.02, which I believe this is a later version of Advanced Browser 8.02. Both of these use IE to render the HTML.

    Crazy Browser 1.0.5, which also uses IE for rendering.

    ElectraSoft 32bit Web Browser 9.6.1

    Internet Explorer 5.5

    K-Meleon 0.8.2

    Lynx 2.8.3

    Mozilla 1.5

    Xana 1.0 (Build 474)


Please use as a contact email address for all issues relating to Project SWIFT.